~My Experience working at a shop!~

Hello everyone!

You must be wondering what this post is about, right? Well I worked for a few days at my Mum and Dad’s shop, called:

‘Graze n Cakes’

Working at the shop was both easy and hard. I find that people came in waves, like at a beach, you have one big wave meaning the rush of everybody coming in, then little waves meaning that you have a nice little flow of customers. During the little flow of customers we prep up for the other big wave. When working at the shop I observed that the big waves come in from 7am – 8am (breakfast), and 12:30pm – 1:45pm (lunch).

My job was to take down orders on the POS system (point of sales), and if the customers ordered something that my mum and dad had to make (like rolls, rice paper rolls, and noodle bowls), I would have to give them the receipt and get to the next people to be served. If the customer just ordered coffee or a pastry I would ask my mum to make the coffee, and/or I would bag the pastry. I was also in charge of the credit card machine, who knew tapping, swiping, and inserting the card on the machine was so much fun!

A little thing to remember if you are going to take up a cafe job is to always, record the customers name. Not doing this could lead you to walk aimlessly around the crowd shouting “Soy Cappuccino anybody?” It’s quite embarrassing, and I had to learn it the hard way…

Working at the shop was an experience I would never forget, and I definitely work there again.

~Thanks for reading bloggers! ~


~Levels of the Australian Government~

Hello Dazzling Readers,

In this post I’ll be talking about the three different levels of the Australian Government.

To start off, what makes the Australian Government are the three levels. The first one being the federal government, then the state government, after that the local government.

The federal government make decisions based on the country’s welfare. Not so much narrowed down to the people. In federal government we have a prime minister. In Australia our prime minister is Malcolm Turnbull.

Knowledge Nation 100 Luncheon
This is Malcolm Turnbull

Creative Commons License Knowledge Society via Compfight

The state government bases their decisions around their state. In NSW the MP (member of Parliament) is Gladys Berejiklian. She’s the one that makes our decision’s as a state.

Then it all comes down to the local government. Their decisions are more specific to their town or community. It’s like having a mayor in a local government.

Australia is not an independent country. We’re apart of the Monarchy, which means we follow the Queen. In which case is Queen Elizabeth. We can’t have our own president we have instead prime ministers.

See-through Fiver
This is the face of Queen Elizabeth

Steven Feather via Compfight

To elect a PM we vote for the party. A party is a group that represents what they believe should rule. Malcolm Turnbull is apart of the liberal party, he was elected because his party got the most votes.

Australia Grunge Flag
Our Australian Flag

Creative Commons License Nicolas Raymond via Compfight

Thank you Readers, I do hope you learnt something about the Australian Government. Until next time,


The Passion Project Open Morning


I know, I know, I said that two posts ago that was the last Passion Project post but this is actually the very last one, I promise. So I decided to make this one about the open day on Friday. It was a blast. People getting to see our projects, see other girls passion projects. Comment and admire etc.

I really liked the idea that nearly everyone did a different project. Embroidery, doll house making, DIYs, stop motion animation, animation, dissecting, charitable contributions, art, sewing and so much more.

The day was very liberating. Besides the part of me explaining over and over what my project is about, how long it took me, and what inspired me to make a tutu. To answer those questions:

1. My project is about me making this tutu and reaching my goals and achieving the finished product of a beautiful ball-gown-like tutu.

2. It took me 8 hours separated over 3 weeks. I know it’s not long when I say it like that but for two hours at a time, sitting on the hard wooden floor does make your butt really sore.

3. What inspired me to make my tutu was the Cinderella acting movie. I really liked the gown that Cinderella used for the movie and wanted to replicate something like that. Or really just make a puffy bug skirt to go with anything.

I thank-you for supporting me throughout the process and hoped that you liked the content.

Here again is the photo of Moi (me) standing next to my fabulous tutu:

Until next time cheers,


~The End Of My Passion Project~


So this would be the end post for my passion project of 2017, I really hope you enjoyed my series of posts. Here is my ending refection,

I enjoyed making my big tutu and can not wait to wear it out to a special occasion. I learned for this experience that not everything has to be perfect. Since my tutu didn’t finish out that puffy as the picture my goal for next time is to make it even more puffy with more tulle layers since satin is very heavy. If I had to do it differently I would instead use yellow satin, yellow tulle and gold lace to replicate the Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast (my favourite movie costume so far from the disney princesses), since I did the Cinderella costume but in red satin and cream tulle.

Out of all the passion projects there was I really liked the music video that my classmate Sienna.F did. It’s on Vimeo, here is the link:

https://goo.gl/W4yh6s or the long one if that didn’t work https://vimeo.com/220542598.

I really liked her one because it puts the deep meaning into the song and it stirs up emotion inside. I love it so much, and great job at directing everything by yourself. Well done!

Again thank you to all of my readers that commenting and read my blog…





~Week 7 Passion Project – Ta Da! Part.2~

Hello Again,

So As I mention before here are some photos and moments of me sewing the tutu:

So this is the conclusion to my passion project, I hope you have enjoyed the series of posts.


~Week 7 Passion Project – Ta Da! (I’m sorry I forgot to post photos, next post I promise)~

Hello Dazzling People,

This post is to conclude my passion project series post. In this post I’m reflecting on how good my passion project is going. So here’s my reflection then:

Some Positive aspects:

  • That I finished my tutu
  • It looks great
  • My hands don’t hurt as much as before
  • I love sewing!

Some Negative Aspects:

  • That I had help
  • I didn’t get to learn how to use a sewing machine
  • I wish I had more time to sew more details to the tulle

Some Interesting Aspects:

  • That we needed to cut out all of the different patterns for the fabric
  • It was a very fast process (for me)

Out of 10 I rate myself a 7/10 because I did manage to finish the task but with help of my family relatives. Out of this experience, I would love to next time actually learn how to use a sewing machine and make a more sophisticated dress. More than my red satin and cream tulle… The Goals I have set for myself, I have mastered. Yay!

Here’s the list

  • Sewing tight and secure stitches so my dress doesn’t fall apart
  • Sewing for long periods of time without taking a break
  • Leaning new ways to sew together fabric
  • Just loving the experience and do more sewing more often

So I have mastered all goals I wanted to achieve, and have finished my dress. I can not wait until I can wear this one day. It’s just I don’t know when?

Here is the link to the photo post! (Copy and Paster the link into another tab): http://dakotad23.edublogs.org/2017/06/06/week-7-passion-project-ta-da-part-2/

So to finish off this post I will leave you with a message:

“For me the crafting is over but for you it’s just beginning!”


~Weeks 5 & 6 Passion Projects – A time-laspe of my creation~

Hello Dazzling Bloggers,

This post includes a video of me sewing the tutu through a time-lapse. I hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to the video (Copy and paste the link!):


Or the longer URL if the short one doesn’t work:


By the way, in the other person in the corner is my mum. Se helped me sew a bit of the tulle because I would practically spend the whole night on it, and to keep me some company. The white thing I’m leaning on is a pillow, and I’m sorry for the really bad recording footage. My brother was the recording the video and moving the ipad all around the place…


FreeSongsToUse – Lift by JJD & Marin Hoxha

Video – My brother Arque

Mum – Thanks for helping me sew some of the fabric

Thank you all of you readers for reading my blog, and commenting, I really appreciate it!


~Week 4 Passion Projects – Lets Get Stitching! Part.2~

Hello Dazzling Bloggers,

Here are some photos that my mum took of me sewing the base with my cousin and cutting the patterns with my aunt for the tutu.

The first one is me and my cousin Isabella (Nhi) sewing the satin while watching my most favourite Chinese movie, “The Blind Detective” It has so many twist and is perfect for any body who wants to look into a mind of a detective. Isabella is the one in the hoodie and I’m the one furthest in the background.

The second one is of me stitching the satin. And the last one is at my aunts house peeling the satin back after cutting it with the pattern. I’ll try to post a time lapse of me sewing either the tulle or the satin or just sewing everything together…

Thankyou for reading my posts and commenting,


~Week 3 Passion Projects – Lets Get Stitching! Part.1~

Hello Dazzling people,

For this post it’s about my making faze of my project. If you would like to know what my project is about her is a link to my first Passion Project post – http://dakotad23.edublogs.org/2017/04/29/passion-project-week-1/

So to continue on what I was saying, this post is about the making faze of my tutu. I forgot to mention earlier that my cousin Isabella (Nhi) is going to help me stitch my tutu. I’m going to start on the base which is a red satin skirt (long). We’re going to try stitching with needle and thread first but if it takes too long I’m going to borrow Isabella’s sewing machine.

I’ll keep you updated about how everything’s going for the rest of this week through different posts.


~Week 2 Passion Project – Skills, Material, Research and Info~

Hello bloggers,

This blog post is about what skills, materials, research and information I would need to complete my project.

Skills I would need,

How to sew tight and secure stitches to make sure the material doesn’t fall apart. To sew for long periods of time just to get one side of my tutu done. And my designing skills to make sure every little detail is perfect. To know if I have mastered this skill it that, if my tutu doesn’t fall apart, and that my fingers, wrists, and hand don’t get sore.


I have already gotten my materials, but my list is

  • Red/Pink satin
  • White/Cream coloured tulle
  • White think elastic band
  • Some gold organza for a finishing touch
  • Probably, cut out pattern for precise measurements

Research & Information,

I have gone into research about how to make a tulle and satin tutu. But, when I was purchasing my fabric it came with cutting patterns and how to sew all of the parts together. The type of tutu I’ll be making is a Cinderella themed one, but with the twist of white/cream and red. As well as fixing up my old white one (pancake tutu) with some cut out satin and some of the leftover organza.

Thank you to all of my readers who read my blog and post fabulous comments. I’ll be certain that I get that trailer up, but for now I’m just going to get started with the episode somewhere between May -> July.






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